To stir curiosity by connecting art and science in the spirit of John Steinbeck, Ed Ricketts, and their journey on the Western Flyer.

Who were JOhn Steinbeck & Ed Ricketts?

In 1940, two best friends, biologist Ed Ricketts and writer John Steinbeck, set off for a journey to the Sea of Cortez on the Western Flyer. Their interdisciplinary collaboration and friendship is the inspiration for the Western Flyer Foundation.

Monterey Bay, an incredible Classroom

The SEACOAST project (STEM Experiential Approach to Critical Ocean and Atmosphere Science Topics) focuses on ocean science in the Monterey Bay. The project will include at-sea classroom data collection activities with research instruments on the Western Flyer. In spring 2022, we conducted sea-trials for the program on NOAA’s R/V Fulmar.

Community Journal Project Gallery

Check out our Gallery to view student artwork from the Community Journal Project. Inspired by Ricketts’ essay on four levels of ecology and Steinbeck’s exploration of community in Cannery Row, this project merged ecology, creative writing, and scientific illustration.