2022 Year in Review

Western Flyer being lowed into the water on June 29, 2022

2022 was an exciting year for the Western Flyer Foundation! We reached several important milestones, served hundreds of local students with our programs, and began growing our team in preparation for the Western Flyer’s return to Monterey. Among the highlights:

Restoring the Western Flyer

After years of being carefully and lovingly restored by the Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op, the Western Flyer returned to the water on June 29! The boat has been in Seattle ever since, where Snow and Company has been busy installing its mechanical systems.

On Sept. 22, the California Coastal Conservancy granted our organization $260K to help “Finish the Boat!”

Programs and Outreach

Community Journal Project 2022 with the Youth Arts Collective. Photo credit: Grace Khieu

We made significant progress in developing an onboard oceanography program for high schoolers, with input from local teachers and in partnership with Stanford and the Naval Postgraduate School.

Through our Community Journal Project, 551 students throughout Monterey County learned about scientific illustration, creative writing, and local ecology.

We also cosponsored Monterey’s Local History Slam, engaging 487 people and 24 students. 

Returning to Monterey Bay

We have been busy preparing for the Western Flyer’s return to Monterey Bay in 2023, working with the City of Monterey and other partners to find the boat’s long-term home. We set up a new office in Moss Landing, and we’ve started planning our Homecoming Party! Sign up for our newsletter to

Our Growing Team!

On December 1, Sherry Flumerfelt started as our first executive director, and on July 1, Dr. Rebecca Mostow joined as our new Education Program Manager. We’ve been busy recruiting for a new Science Manager, and have a Captain already lined up. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in 2023!

New Education Program Manager, Dr. Rebecca Mostow
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