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Inspired by the legacy and friendship of John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts, we run research and education trips on land and aboard the historic Western Flyer.

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“This Incredible Year” — Captain Paul Tate and the Return of the Western Flyer 

March 28, 2024

It wasn’t until evening that Captain Paul Tate could take a deep breath, take a long look at the Flyer at the dock, and think to himself, "she’s safely in Monterey…it’s the conclusion of her journey."  It was the conclusion of a journey for Paul, too. In this blog, Andrew Beahrs reflects on a conversation he had with Paul about his long road to Monterey Bay.

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Western Flyer Restoration: The John Steinbeck fishing seiner

By Jan Hein, Classic Boat, March 18, 2024

Western Flyer underwent a monumental seven-year rebuild, simply because of historic six-week charter under famous novelist John Steinbeck.

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Actor narrates short film about boat that carried Steinbeck, Ricketts

By Chris Counts, The Carmel Pine Cone, March 01, 2024

Best known for his award-winning role as a bureaucracy-hating bureaucrat in the hit television series, "Parks and Recreation," actor Nick Offerman narrates a new short film that chronicles the history of the Western Flyer, which some consider to be the world's most famous fishing boat.

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In the Wake of Legacy: The Storied Western Flyer Returns to the Sea as a Floating Classroom

By Tom Bentley Power & Motoryacht Magazine, February 29, 2024

The Western Flyer is being outfitted to be an advanced marine research and educational vessel, designed to inform and captivate young minds with the drive and curiosity fo her former pilots.

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