Artist Spotlight: Jess Soriano

Jess Soriano is a multitalented muralist, scientific illustrator, and film producer. She is also one of the three wonderful artist mentors who helped bring the Community Journal Project to Salinas high schoolers this Spring. Jess is an exceptionally skilled instructor, whose enthusiasm for the natural world and for capturing its beauty through art is like a magnet to the students in her class. Working with Jess is a joy and we’re looking forward to future collaborations! 

Jess Soriano is a mindful explorer and visual creator skilled in various mediums, including painting, printmaking, filming, and video editing. The search for endless adventure led her to Monterey, CA. With a background in health science, she ventured into the world of scientific illustration, and from there, her perspective expanded from medical science to environmental conservation. Knowing there was much more to learn, she switched her focus inward, exploring the deeper parts of the psyche for spiritual growth, healing, and inspiration.

Her work reflects the desire to combine all these different aspects of herself. From music videos to murals, she continuously discovers ways to encourage others to explore our innate connection to the universe, nature, ourselves, and one another. Endlessly enthralled by our inner and outer worlds, she hopes her creative expressions inspire others to explore their natural surroundings, see love in all living things, and open their minds to the beauty of unity.

Jess Soriano runs her own freelance business and offers services that include creating scientific illustrations, public art (murals), and film production. When she’s not running around capturing special moments at music festivals or painting murals around town, she mentors and teaches workshops for teenagers and young adults at the Youth Arts Collective and the Western Flyer Foundation. 

Follow her on social media: and @lovenotlostfilms

And check out her website to dive deeper into her work:

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