Thank you to our MCGives supporters!

2022 was our first year participating in Monterey County Gives, and we are thrilled to have raised $73,009 from 77 donations (plus a matching gift from the organizers, still pending). Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! We will use these funds to provide opportunities for youth to explore, observe, and create on land and on board the iconic Western Flyer

We want to acknowledge several MCGives gifts made in honor and memory of friends and family, including a couple of names you might recognize!

In Honor Of:
Hall “Tex” Travis—from the Travis Family
Ted Katzoff—from Hal Hunt
Aunt Jackie’s 90th Birthday—from Cath Tendler
Dr. Rebecca Mostow—from Katy Orr

In Memory Of:
Elaine Scott Steinbeck—from Court and Courtland Lewis 
Donald Putnam Abbott—from Larry Eickstaedt
Joseph B. Maxwell, Sr.—from Gary Maxwell
Mike Guardino—from Patricia Long
Cheryl Abbott—from Allan Abbott

Hall “Tex” Travis, engineer on the Western Flyer’s Sea of Cortez expedition. Photo courtesy of the Martha Heasley Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies, SJSU.

“[Tex] is a sure man with an engine. When he goes below he is identified with his engine. He moves about, not seeing, not looking, but knowing. No matter how tired or how deeply asleep he may be, one miss of the engine jerks him to his feet and into the engine-room before he is awake, and we truly believe that a burned bearing or a cracked shaft gives him sharp pains in his stomach.”
– The Log from the Sea of Cortez. 

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