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  • WFF Update on Baja – A Mexican Perspective
    Notes from  Baja California Sur What would John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts find if they were able to return to the Sea of Cortés* today? What is the same and what has changed? Their expedition in 1940 took them to a place little known by science. They collected and took creatures from this place but they also left something of great value. Steinbeck was interested in going to Mexico to find inspiration for his stories. He particularly wanted to go to La Paz. Rickets on the other hand was keen to explore and study the tide pools of the region. […]
  • Join the WFF Intertidal Zone Bioblitz
    In 1940, writer John Steinbeck and marine biologist Ed Ricketts chartered a purse seiner, the Western Flyer, for a 6-week expedition to the Sea of Cortez. They captured and catalogued marine invertebrates (animals without backbones) at 21 different sites along their route. In 1941, the two friends published the book, Sea of Cortez, a narrative account of their journey and a “phyletic catalogue” of all the species they found. The catalogue includes 484 species of marine invertebrates! This summer, the Western Flyer Foundation invites you to take an expedition to your local coastline to catalogue and identify as many marine […]
  • Western Flyer Restoration EP 34
    A trip to the local foundry to see new portholes being made. Episode 34 from a series following the restoration of the Western Flyer. In this episode, we take a short trip out of town to the local bronze foundry to watch new bronze portholes being made for the Western Flyer. We also hear stories from the foundry’s owner Pete Langley and how he got into the business.
  • Visit to Port Townsend
    Before COVID-19 hit, Western Flyer had hundreds of visitors a month. These days, not so much. Access to the yard has been strictly limited for the past year — all it would take is one infection, and the livelihood of dozens of people would be threatened. I was lucky enough to be able to go for a short visit, my first in over a year. My mission was to get a clear idea of where we are in the project and its schedule, so we can plan with our partners and supporters for the upcoming year. Progress on the boat […]