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MISIÓN: Trabajar para proteger y conservar nuestro entorno natural y cultural mediante el fortalecimiento de la sociedad civil y el gobierno y juntos crear comunidades sanas y prósperas. VISIÓN: La comunidad reconoce que su calidad de vida esta relacionada con la salud y vitalidad del medio ambiente y los ciudadanos actúan acorde a esto.

MISSION: To protect and conserve our natural and cultural environment by empowering civil society and government to jointly create healthy and prosperous communities.

VISION: Communities believe their quality of life is related to the health and vitality of the environment and citizens act accordingly.

Ecology Project International

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At Ecology Project International (EPI), we engage local communities in youth development, leadership, and habitat conservation, and we run world-class, science-focused travel programs for students and teachers. Together, we’re building a brighter, more sustainable future.


Oregon State Marine Studies Initiative

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 Mission: Create a healthy future for our ocean and the planet through transdisciplinary research and teaching that emphasizes  collaboration, experiential learning, engagement with society and problem solving.

Pronatura Noroeste

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Misión: Conservar la flora, la fauna y los ecosistemas prioritarios del Noroeste de México, para promover el desarrollo de la sociedad en armonía con la naturaleza.

Mission: To conserve the plants, the animals, and the ecosystem priorities of Northwestern Mexico to promote the development of a society in harmony with nature. 



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With inspiration from our ancestors, we serve communities, shareholders, and future generations. We are a passionate group of problem-solvers with a purpose – working to strengthen our communities while also becoming a global leader in sustainable business practices. By harnessing the power and insight of our heritage, we are setting a positive trajectory for our people and our planet. We aspire to live and work by following our core values:

Working Together, Insatiable Curiosity, Humility, Respect, and Transparency, Creating Value while Maintaining Focus, Clarity and Drive.

SURMAR: Sustainable Use and Research of the Mar De Cortez ASIMAR: Aprovechamiento Sustentable e Invesigacion del Mar de Cortez

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The SURMAR/ASIMAR program, founded by Dr. William Gilly and Dr. Unai Marcaida, is a fiscal sponsorship project of The Ocean Foundation, Washington, DC. It is a collaboration with the Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Mulegé (ITESME) in Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico, and the Gulf of California International Research Center (GCIRC) is being developed on the ITESME campus. This facility is currently under construction and will be made available to visiting international researchers for projects that are consistent with SURMAR’s mission and goals. Mission: Promote sustainability and conservation of natural resources in the Gulf of California, and deepen our understanding of natural processes vital to the health of its diverse ecosystems.