Enrique Hambleton

Enrique Hambleton is a Mexican conservationist, photographer and writer based in La Paz, Baja California Sur.  He is an active founding board member of Pronatura Noroeste, a chapter of Mexico’s oldest and largest Conservation Non-profit organization dedicated to environmental conservation and resource use advocacy.  The chapter he helped create works in the five states that surround the Sea of Cortés as well as its waters and islands.  Enrique is also an active founding board member of Niparajá, a La Paz based Conservation Non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of land and sea-based ecosystems, sustainable fisheries and water conservation in Baja California Sur. Both of these organizations have been working successfully in the region since the early 90´s

Enrique is also known for his long-standing commitment to document, study and protect one of the world´s greatest concentrations of prehistoric art located in the central mountain ranges of the Peninsula of Baja California.  He was instrumental in achieving the UNESCO World Heritage designation for the Sierra de San Francisco in 1993 and also participated in the successful effort to secure the same designation for the islands in the Sea of Cortés in 2005.He continues to work to conserve the natural and cultural capital of Mexico’s California and its sea.