Linda Powell-McMillan

Linda Powell-McMillan is first and foremost a teacher. She taught elementary grades at a small rural school in Shandon CA and taught Biology and Chemistry in Paso Robles High School for 12 years. She left the classroom to become a California Regional Director for AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), a college preparatory system in the US, designing and facilitating professional learning for teachers in the US, Australia, and for Department of Defense teachers in Europe and the Pacific. She worked as a National Director for Professional Learning for AVID. Most recently she has been working internationally (in-country and online) as an Education Consultant for AVID Australia, coaching Australian elementary and secondary teachers in the teaching and learning strategies of AVID

She received a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Natural Resources from the University of California, Davis, then returned to UC Davis to earn a Master of Science in Ecology. She holds Elementary and Secondary Teaching Credentials and an Administrative Services Credential from California Polytechnic State University. She was the co-Director of the California Science Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Her interest in natural history and conservation led to a career as a wildlife film maker and photographer for the National Audubon Society. She, along with her husband, Greg, produced 90-minute wildlife films on the Outback of Australia, the flora, fauna and people of Papua New Guinea, the Gray Whales of Baja California. She was field tour leader of natural history journeys in Baja California for Red Hills Films and Natural History Tours. During a year’s sabbatical in Chile, her photographs and essays became part of Chile’s first national webpage. 

She lives in the Central Coast of California in an off-the-grid strawbale home, on a ranch raising grass-fed beef and olives for oil.