Reflections on the Western Flyer Foundation by Ted Katzoff

Dec. 30, 2022

For me, supporting the Flyer begins with being a romantic, influenced by the three books that are canon: Cannery Row, Sweet Thursday, and The Log From The Sea Of Cortez. What makes it all stick is the belief that ideas, knowledge, and learning will have an impact on the lives of others. The Western Flyer is a perfect way of doing good in the world and truly making a difference.

The Foundation has taken the romance and the ideals and made them practical with John Gregg’s vision and the staff of practical, and passionate people who have the skills and expertise to move the project forward and make it happen. So this is not just a dream, but a reality and one can get behind this and support it. 

Even more real is the physical existence of the Flyer Herself!  What could be more fun than doing all of these things on the actual boat? The Flyer focuses our energy and our excitement. And we all play a part. We are able to do things that go beyond our personal selves, and that is worthwhile. 

Interdisciplinary learning, ecology, science, philosophy, and adventure meet on the Western Flyer, and its mission moves us all forward. All of these things got me interested and keep me happily supporting the work. And the opportunity to spend time on board makes it even more exciting. 

The Western Flyer has been called “Hallowed Ground”. It is that and much more in the real world.

With respect and joy,

Ted Katzoff

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