The Western Flyer Foundation offers free, hands-on educational experiences that merge visual arts, humanities, and marine science. We aim to #StirCuriosity by providing interdisciplinary and place-based education on land and aboard the Western Flyer. ​

We were curious. Our curiosity was not limited, but was as wide and horizonless as that of Darwin or Agassiz or Linnaeus or Pliny. We wanted to see everything our eyes would accommodate, to think what we could, and, out of our seeing and thinking, to build some kind of structure in modeled imitation of the observed reality.​​

Log from the Sea of Cortez

Community Journal Project

This innovative, classroom-based program fosters environmental literacy through the integration of visual arts, ecology, and creative writing. We pair student groups (including middle and high school classes, afterschool groups, and summer programs) with professional artist mentors who lead lessons on scientific illustration, nature journaling, creative non-fiction writing, and local ecology. Through these lessons, students produce nature journals that are  proudly displayed in our online art gallery.

Onboard Oceanography

In collaboration with the Naval Postgraduate School and Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station, we have developed an onboard oceanography program for high school and post-secondary science classes. SEACOAST programming will include time on the newly-restored Western Flyer and the opportunity to collect and analyze scientifically valuable oceanographic data on Monterey Bay. The curriculum is modular, allowing teachers to select from a variety of focal areas, and the lessons combine at-sea experiences, in-class activities, and mentorship from undergraduate and graduate student scientists. 

Community Outreach

Connect with the Western Flyer Foundation during our outreach events. Come say “hi!” during Cannery Row Days and  Monterey Whalefest. And keep an eye on our events page for other opportunities to go tidepooling, practice nature journaling, or learn more about WFF!

Coloring book / Libro para colorear

Print and enjoy this coloring book about two friends, John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts, and their journey to the Sea of Cortez on the Western Flyer.

Imprima y disfrute este libro para colorear sobre dos amigos, John Steinbeck y Ed Ricketts, y su viaje al Mar de Cortés a bordoImprima y disfrute este libro para colorear sobre dos amigos, John Steinbeck y Ed Ricketts, y su viaje al Mar de Cortés a bordo del Western Flyer.

Share your work! Post pics of completed coloring pages and tag @westernflyerfoundation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.​

For more information about our education program or to schedule a visit to the Western Flyer, contact our Education Program Manager.

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